Academic Catalog

Music Theory Concentration

This program no longer accepts students as of Spring 2022.  The program is suspended until the 2024-2025 catalog year upon review by the department.

Concentration Requirements

Concentrations are available to music majors in the areas of Music Theory and Jazz Studies. A concentration is a structured plan of elective courses within a student’s major discipline that comprises a minimum of five courses for at least 15 credits. Courses taken to fulfill the concentration may count toward music elective requirements.

Admission to a concentration requires written acceptance by the chair of the department that offers the concentration. Specific admission requirements for individual areas are noted below.

Concentration in Music Theory

Students must have completed MUTH 22100 or MUTH 22101 and MUTH 23300 or MUTH 23301 before applying for this concentration.

Music Theory Concentration Requirements Core
MUTH 42100Topics in Music Theory and Analysis2
MUTH 44300Pedagogy of Music Theory3
Select 10 credits from the following:10
Scoring for Visual Media I
Scoring for Visual Media II
First-Year Music Theory Seminar
Chord Symbol Realization at the Keyboard
Sixteenth-Century Counterpoint
Eighteenth-Century Counterpoint
Choral Arranging
Instrumentation and Orchestration
Jazz Theory and Aural Training I
Jazz Theory and Aural Training II
Advanced Aural Skills
Introduction to Composition
Introduction to Electroacoustic Music
Total Credits15