Academic Catalog

Musical Theatre Major — B.F.A.

This B.F.A. degree requires 30 liberal arts credits out of the 120 credits required for graduation.

The B.F.A. in Musical Theatre is offered in collaboration with the School of Music. The student is admitted to the major in musical theatre following a successful audition with members of the theatre faculty.


Musical Theatre B.F.A. Requirements97-100
Integrative Core Curriculum Requirements and Electives 120-23
Total Credits120

Degree Requirements 

THEA 10100Introduction to Technical Theatre2
THEA 102xxTechnical Theatre Practicum (must be taken two times)2
THEA 13000Script Analysis for the Theatre3
THEA 24100History of Theatre I3
THEA 24200History of Theatre II3
Select one of the following:3-6
Dramatic Literature I
Dramatic Literature II
London Theatre Immersion
THEA 13300Scene Study I2
THEA 13400Scene Study II3
THEA 13500Voice and Movement for the Stage I2
THEA 13600Voice and Movement for the Stage II2
THEA 23300Scene Study III3
THEA 23400Scene Study IV3
THEA 23500Voice and Speech for the Stage I1.5
THEA 23600Voice and Speech for the Stage II1.5
THEA 23700Movement for the Stage I1.5
THEA 23800Movement for the Stage II1.5
THEA 33300Fundamentals of Musical Theatre Song Performance2
THEA 33100Styles of Acting: The Greeks and Shakespeare3
THEA 33200Styles of Acting: Farce and High Comedy3
THEA 43300Musical Theatre Workshop: Repertoire and Style2
THEA 43400Musical Theatre Workshop: Audition and Advanced2
DNCE 11100Ballet I1
DNCE 11200Ballet II1
DNCE 21100Ballet III1
DNCE 12100Modern Dance I1
DNCE 12200Modern Dance II1
DNCE 13100Jazz Dance I1
DNCE 13200Jazz Dance II1
DNCE 14100Tap Dance I1
DNCE 14200Tap Dance II1
DNCE 36100Dance for the Musical Stage I2
DNCE 36200Dance for the Musical Stage II2
Select two courses of DNCE at level-2 or higher:2
Ballet IV
Modern Dance III
Modern Dance IV
Jazz Dance III
Jazz Dance IV
Tap Dance III
Tap Dance IV
Advanced Dance Technique
MUNM 10400Basic Materials of Music2
MUNM 10600Basic Music Skills for Musical Theatre Majors1
MUNM 17100Keyboard Musicianship I for Musical Theater Majors1
MUNM 17200Keyboard Musicianship II for Musical Theater Majors1
MUNM 22100Musicianship for the Theater I3
MUNM 22200Musicianship for the Theater II3
MUNM 35100American Musical Theater: History and Analysis3
Vocal Study
PFMJ 19900Performance Repertoire and Pedagogy (eight semesters)4
PFMJ 10100Voice I - Music Major3
PFMJ 20100Voice II - Music Majors4
PFMJ 30100Voice III - Music Majors4
PFMJ 40100Voice IV - Music Majors4
Total Credits97-100