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Ithaca Employment Opportunities

Eligible students may be employed under one or both of the following programs: federal work-study (FWS) or campus employment. Potential job opportunities may be found on the student employment website. Campus employment is a College-funded program designed to offer employment opportunities to students, but it is not based on financial need. For additional information on FWS, see the “Work Study Programs” section of the student financial services website.

Student Financial Services Website

Federal Work Study Program

Student Employment Website

The amounts awarded through FWS and/or campus employment generally range from $2,400 to $3,000. Award offers are not a guarantee of employment. It is the student’s responsibility to seek and accept employment and to work sufficient hours to earn the work award offered. Payment is made biweekly, usually via direct deposit.

The potential earnings from a work award will not be credited to a student’s account nor considered as an anticipated payment for billing purposes since there is no guarantee that the money will be earned. Money earned through work-study employment may be used at the student’s discretion.