Academic Catalog

Student Self-Help

Student Contribution

All students who receive financial aid are expected to find summer employment while enrolled at Ithaca College and to use a portion of those earnings toward upcoming educational expenses. A minimum self-help contribution of $2,000 from summer earnings is required for institutional need-based aid, regardless of the federally calculated student contribution. HEOP students attending the summer pre-freshman program are exempt from this requirement. Any student who intends to travel or attend summer school must advise the Office of Student Financial Services in advance and receive a written waiver of the summer employment requirement in order to be exempt from consideration of summer earnings as a portion of available funds.

Aid Allocations

Allocations for financial assistance through employment programs are not guarantees of jobs. This allocation represents the amount a student is eligible to earn once they find a campus job. Students may work at on-campus or federal work-study (FWS) community service positions up to 20 hours per week while classes are in session. For specific employment opportunities, see the Office of Student Employment website.


Federal Direct Student Loans are offered to students who file the FAFSA and meet all federal loan eligibility requirements. Federal loan repayment schedules, which include interest, begin six months after graduation or withdrawal from school. Alternative loans are available through private lenders. Interest rates and fees charged by private lenders have no limits and are based upon many variables, including, but not limited to, the strength of the loan co-signer and the use of primary or LIBOR rates in calculating interest. All loans must be repaid.