Academic Catalog

Summer School Assistance

Institutional assistance for summer school is very limited. The summer school application deadline is April 1 of the year the student wishes to be considered for aid. Notifications are made by May 15.

An Ithaca College summer school aid application, available online or in the Office of Student Financial Services, is required in addition to filing the FAFSA. Physical and Occupational Therapy students attending the pre-senior year summer program and Physical Therapy students progressing normally within their program are exempt from this process. 

Generally speaking, you must be enrolled for at least six credits (undergraduates) or five credits (graduates) in order to be considered for financial aid, although some forms of aid for undergraduates require fewer credits. Graduate students taking fewer than five credits are not eligible for summer aid.

It is the responsibility of the student, if awarded financial aid, to provide the forms required in order to receive the aid you have been awarded. If you register for less than the number of credits you estimate on this form, we reserve the right to reduce or eliminate any aid offered.  It is the responsibility of the student to notify us in writing of any decrease in the number of credits you plan to take prior to summer school registration.