Academic Catalog

Minors and Other Programs


A minor is a course of study that introduces a field and provides modest depth into its subject matter. Students should take care to satisfy all prerequisites and to note other information in the catalog pertaining to sequences of courses, class standing, and regulations of other schools.

Minors for School of Business Majors

The School of Business has designed its degree programs to provide substantial flexibility. Open and liberal arts electives allow students to pursue breadth and depth in other units of the College, or with the business analytics minor. Students are strongly encouraged to develop a plan of study with their academic advisers early in their college careers to accomplish academic and professional goals. Students interested in a minor should contact the department of interest to determine the application process. Accounting and business administration majors may not minor in accounting, business, finance, international business, management, or marketing, but business administration majors may elect to have more than one concentration.

Minors for Non-Business Majors

Undergraduate students who are neither accounting nor business administration majors may choose from the minors offered by the school of business. In cases where there are overlapping courses between a student's major and minor, the student must complete a minimum of 12 unique credits to satisfy the requirements of the minor. In a few cases of significant overlap, a student may be prohibited from declaring a minor. See specific minors for more information.

Other Programs for Non-Business Majors

The following professional programs offered by other schools at Ithaca College include business school courses:

  1. Applied Economics
  2. Applied Psychology
  3. Computer Information Systems
  4. Communication Management and Design
  5. Health Care Management
  6. Integrated Marketing Communications
  7. Music in Combination with an Outside Field
  8. Sport Media
  9. Theater Arts Management

Interested students are encouraged to seek additional information about these programs in this catalog or from the appropriate dean’s office.