Academic Catalog

Architectural Studies Major — B.A.

This B.A. degree requires 90 liberal arts credits out of the 120 credits required for graduation.


Architectural Studies B.A. Major Requirements48
Integrative Core Curriculum Requirements and Electives 172
Total Credits120

 Degree Requirements

Core Courses
ARTH 11300Elements of Architecture3
ARTH 11400Architecture across Cultures3
ARTH 30100Architectural Studio I: Fundamentals of Architectural Design and Drawing4
ARTH 30200Architectural Studio II: Environmental Design and Digital Representation4
ARTH 48000Senior Portfolio: Architecture1
Architectural History
Select nine (9) credits of 200- or 300-level courses with the attribute Architectural History (ARCH), with at least three (3) credits at the 300 level9
Architectural Design
Select one of the following:3
Small Builds: Architecture at a Smaller Scale
The Architecture of Patterns: The art and science of patterns
Great Spaces: An Introduction to Urban Design
Senior Experience
Select 3 credits from the following: 13
ARTH 490xx
Seminar in Art History
Tutorial in Art History
Internship: Architecture
Honors Independent Study
Art History electives
ARTH xxxxxMinimum of two 100- or 200-level nonarchitecture courses in art history, with at least one at the 200-level6
Building Sustainable Societies
Select 3 credits with the attribute Arch-Building Sustainable Society (ABSS) courses from outside the department.3
ART 11xxxAny Introduction to Drawing course3
ART 12000Two-Dimensional Design3
Choose one of the following3
Three-Dimensional Design
Sustainability and Innovation in Three-dimensional Design
Graphic Design I
Total Credits48