Academic Catalog

Art Major — B.F.A.

This B.F.A. degree requires 30 liberal arts credits out of the 120 credits required for graduation.


Art B.F.A. Major Requirements71
Integrative Core Curriculum Requirements and Electives  149
Total Credits120

Degree Requirements

Art majors are required to take at least two of the six introductory courses before taking classes above level 2.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in all ART courses and must pass a portfolio review by the end of the second year to confirm candidacy in the program. This review entails a portfolio presentation with a panel of faculty, as well as an interview. If a student transfers into the art department from another program within the college, the review will take place after the completion of 15 credits in art courses.

Theory and Practice of Art
ART 10000Theory and Practice 1: Play1
ART 20000Theory and Practice 2: Exploration1
ART 30000Theory and Practice 3: Professional Practices3
ART 40000Theory and Practice 4: Contemporary Theories of Art3
ART 49000Senior Project I3
ART 49100Senior Project II3
Foundations of Art Media
ART 12000Two-Dimensional Design3
ART 11xxxAny level 1 Drawing course3
ART 14xxxAny level 1 Painting course3
ART 15xxxAny level 1 Sculpture course3
ART 16xxxAny level 1 Print Media course3
ART 21200Intermediate Drawing: The Figure3
ART 28000Digital Studio I3
Select 12 credits of intermediate ART courses in at least two different media areas:12
ART 21xxx
Any level 2 Drawing course, excluding ART 21200
ART 22xxx
Any level 2 Graphic Design course
ART 24xxx
Any level 2 Painting course
ART 25xxx
Any level 2 Sculpture course
ART 26xxx
Any level 2 Print Media course
Select 12 credits of advanced ART courses in at least two different media areas (independent study and internship courses may each count only once towards this requirement):12
ART 31xxx
Any level 3 Drawing course
ART 32xxx
Any level 3 Graphic Design course
ART 34xxx
Any level 3 Painting course
ART 35xxx
Any level 3 Sculpture course
ART 36xxx
Any level 3 Print Media course
Digital Studio II
ART 399xx
Independent Study Art
Art Internship
ART 499xx
Independent Study Art
ARTH 11100Episodes in Western Art3
ARTH 28500Art since 19603
or ARTH 28600 Art and Globalization
ARTH xxxxxTwo additional Art History courses at level 2 or level 36
Total Credits71