Academic Catalog

International Politics Minor


A minimum grade of C is required for courses to count toward the minor.

POLT 12800Introduction to International Relations3
or POLT 12900 Explorations in Global and Comparative Studies
POLT 12200Politics and Society3
or POLT 12300 Political Justice
POLT 30600U.S. Foreign Policy3
Three additional courses at level 3 or above in the subfield of comparative and international studies (POLT 32100 through POLT 340xx); at least one of those three must be designated as a "place" course.9
One course at level 4 in the subfield of comparative and international studies:3
POLT 401xx
Seminar in Comparative International Studies or
POLT 403xx
Tutorial in Comparative and International Studies
POLT 4055x
Internship: International Studies 1
Total Credits21