Academic Catalog

Politics Major — B.A.


Politics B.A. Major Requirements36-51
Integrative Core Curriculum Requirements 129-41
Total Credits120

Degree Requirements 

A grade of C is the minimum required in major field courses.

Three courses at level 1:9
U.S. Politics
One course in the subfield political theory
POLT 14100 through 14900
One course in the subfield comparative and international studies
POLT 12200 through 12900
Six courses at level 3 or above, with a minimum of one course in each of the four subfields that constitute the major program (U.S. politics, political theory, public policy, and comparative and international studies)18
US Politics: POLT 30100-32099
Political Theory: POLT 34100 - 35099
Public Policy: POLT 36200 - 37099
Comp/Int'l Stds: POLT 32100 - 34099
Two add'tl courses: POLT 3XXXX
Two courses at level 4 - seminars, tutorials, internships, or directed studies - with at least one course in this series to be a seminar6
One additional course at any level 23
Foreign-language competence up to and including the intermediate level0-12
POLT 1xxxxOne additional POLT course at level 13
ANTH 10400Cultural Anthropology3
or HIST 18200 World Civilization II
Additional foreign language study beyond the intermediate level, or equivalent0-6
Total Credits42-60

International Studies Concentration

The international studies concentration is intended for students who wish to focus their study of politics on issues and topics specifically connected to global matters.

The concentration requires an additional 6-12 credits beyond the general politics B.A. degree (an additional POLT course at level 1; an additional course outside the department; and additional language study).
The concentration also restricts the way in which students satisfy the general Politics requirements at each level by limiting choices to courses that are designated as comparative and international.

Summary of Additional Requirements and Restrictions for the International Studies Concentration

ANTH 10400Cultural Anthropology3
or HIST 18200 World Civilization II
Level-1 requirement in the concentration (additional 3 credits):3
U.S. Politics
POLT 14xxx
POLT course in political theory subfield
Politics and Society
Political Justice
Introduction to International Relations
Explorations in Global and Comparative Studies
Level-3 requirement in the concentration:
U.S. Foreign Policy
One course in U.S. politics: POLT 30100 through 32099
One course in political theory: POLT 34100 through 35099
Three courses in comparative and international studies, one of which must be designated as a "place" course: POLT 32100 through 34099
Level-4 requirement:
Seminars, tutorials, internships, and directed studies must be internationally focused. The following courses count for the 400-level requirements: POLT 401xx; POLT 403xx; POLT 4055x; and POLT 4995x. At least one course must be POLT 401xx.
Language competence at least 6 credits beyond the intermediate level; students can petition the chair to have equivalent experience (e.g., a semester abroad) count for this additional competence.0-6