Academic Catalog

Writing Minor

All writing courses in the minor should be taken in the Department of Writing or at the Ithaca College London Center. Exceptions: Students who receive generic writing credit for 200-level courses taken at other institutions (WRTG 28888) may count up to 6 of those credits toward the writing minor. Academic Writing I (WRTG 10600) and Ithaca College Seminars in Writing (ICSM 108xx, 118xx) do not count toward the writing minor. WRTG courses designated as ICC Themes and Perspectives courses cannot be used to fulfill writing minor requirements.


WRTG 20100Argument3
Select one of the following:3
Personal Essay
Writing for the Workplace
Creative Nonfiction
WRTG xxxxxElective credits in writing (at least 6 credits at level 3 or above)15
Total Credits21

Additional Requirements for the Minor

  1. All writing courses must be taken for a grade to count toward the minor. Writing courses at level 2 or above must be completed with a C or better.
  2. No more than two level-1 courses will count toward the writing minor.
  3. No more than 3 credits may count toward the writing minor in each of the following courses: WRTG 42000, WRTG 45000, or WRTG 498xx/WRTG 49900. A maximum of 6 credits from among these courses may be applied toward the writing minor.
  4. Up to 6 credits in the writing minor may overlap with a student’s writing requirements in a major.