Academic Catalog

Integrative Studies, B.A.


Integrative Studies B.A. Major Requirements51-65
Integrative Core Curriculum Requirements 128-40
Total Credits120

Degree Requirements

Integrative Studies majors who double major may share a maximum of 9 credits between both majors.
Integrative Studies majors who add one or more minors to their course of study may share a maximum of 6 credits across all minors with the Integrative Studies major.

Core Integrative Studies Courses
ICIC 10000Integration: Connecting the Disciplines1
INST 30000Seminar in Integrative Studies1
INST 40000Integrative Studies Capstone1
Select one of the following:3
Senior Project: Internship
Senior Project: Independent Study
Senior Project: Applied Independent Study
Individualized Plan of Study
Students select courses based on the goals of their approved plan of study. These courses must include at least 45 credits and no more than 59 credits of additional courses drawn from departments across the College, as follows:45-59
1) at least 15 credits must be at 300-level or above, not counting INST 30000, INST 40000, INST 49000, INST 49100, and/or INST 49200.
2) no more than 12 credits may be at 100-level;
(3) at least three distinct subject prefixes must be included.
Total Credits51-65