Academic Catalog

Integrative Studies, B.S.


Integrative Studies B.S. Major Requirements51-71
Integrative Core Curriculum Requirements 128-40
Total Credits120

Degree Requirements

Core Courses
ICIC 10000Integration: Connecting the Disciplines1
or ICIC 12000 Insight: Combining Expertise
INST 30000Seminar in Integrative Studies1
INST 40000Integrative Studies Capstone1
Select one of the following:3
Senior Project: Internship
Senior Project: Independent Study
Senior Project: Applied Independent Study
Additional Courses
Students must include at least 45 credits and no more than 65 credits of additional courses drawn from departments across the College, as follows:45-65
1) at least five courses must be at level 3 or above, not counting INST 30000, INST 40000, INST 49000, INST 49100, and/or INST 49200.
2) no more than three courses may be at level 1;
(3) at least three distinct subject prefixes must be included.
Total Credits51-71