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Media Literacy Minor

The Media Literacy minor is an interdisciplinary program that provides a firm grounding in the theories, principles and practices in the rapidly growing field of media literacy.  Students in the minor will approach the analysis and evaluation of media messages from several different academic perspectives, applying key questions regarding the source, purpose, content, techniques, credibility and impact of those messages on individuals and societies.  Through their coursework they will also have multiple opportunities to create their own media messages (reflecting on their construction choices), and to apply their skills and knowledge regarding media literacy in a real-world setting (through an internship, independent study, or similar experience).  As part of the culmination of the minor students will create a multi-media portfolio representing and reflecting on the coursework and projects undertaken for the minor, applying the principles of media literacy.


PSYC 11000Media Literacy and the Psychology of Inquiry3
Select one course from the following list:3-4
Introduction to Visual Culture
Introduction to Culture and Communication
Comm, Culture, & Rhetoric
Introduction to Film Aesthetics and Analysis 1
Introduction to Mass Media
Introduction to Media Aesthetics and Analysis
Introduction to Media Industries 1
No more than 3 credits of Additional Courses may be at the 100-level.
Interdisciplinary Media Analysis Perspectives6
Select six credits from courses with the attribute "MAP" with two different subject code prefixes 3
Media Creation3
Select three credits from courses with the attribute "MC" 3
Media Literacy Application3
Select three credits of internship, independent study or other experiential course that focuses on the application of media literacy, approved by the minor program coordinator.
Students will submit a final multi-media portfolio representing and reflecting on their coursework, and demonstrating their ability to apply the principles of media literacy. This portfolio must be submitted to the Minor Coordinator for review and approval.
Total Credits18

Additional Requirements and Restrictions

  • Courses selected for the minor must be drawn from at least four different subject code prefixes.
  • No more than six credits can be taken in the same prefix.
  • No more than six credits taken for the minor can overlap with courses counting towards the student's major.