Academic Catalog

Documentary Studies (DOCU)

DOCU 10100 Documentary Immersion (LA)

An introduction to the vast field of documentary with regular guest presentations about the various aspects of the theory and practice of the field drawn from across the Park School faculty. Attendance is required at a number of documentary-oriented special events both in the Park School and in other schools on campus, including screenings, guest lectures, workshops, master classes, concerts, trainings, and symposia. (F)
1 Credit

DOCU 40100 Documentary Industries (LA)

An overview of the political economies, infrastructures, and operations of documentary practices across platforms such as print, analog, digital media, and hybrid forms within both national and international contexts. It discusses budgeting, project development, technologies, research, production and team management, fundraising, co-productions, granting agencies, legal and ethical issues, marketing design, public relations, press kits, festivals, broadcast, streaming, roll-out strategies, website development, engagement campaigns, audience development for festivals and screenings, distribution, four walling, roadshowing, self-distribution, institutional and home-use sales, community-based screenings, and eventizing. (S)
Attributes: CCCS
1 Credit

DOCU 49900 Documentary Practicum (NLA)

Produce a substantive nonfiction media project with the guidance of a faculty member. Projects that partner with nonprofit, activist or educational groups outside of the Park School of Communications are encouraged. Works for hire are not eligible. Access is restricted to proposals that are approved by the Documentary Studies and Production Steering Committee before the registration period in the prior fall or spring semester. The outcome should be a completed work suitable for inclusion in a professional portfolio and that has value as a form of community engagement on substantial issues. By permission of instructor. Prerequisites: TVR 29900 or JOUR 21100. (IRR)
1-4 Credits