Academic Catalog

Interdisciplinary Studies Prog (IISP)

IISP 10500 Exploring the Options: Finding Purpose and a Path in College (LA)

Provides Exploratory students with the opportunity to clarify their purpose in college. Readings and structured activities help students articulate educational goals and shape their program of study by learning to connect personal values with strategic planning and problem-solving skills. (B,F,S,Y)
Attributes: UND
1 Credit

IISP 49800 H&S Integrative Core Curriculum Capstone (LA)

Explores the relationships between the various components of the integrative core curriculum (ICC), the student’s primary major, other learning experiences at the College, and future goals. Reflection on the role of a liberal arts education. Students enrolling in this course should have completed most of the requirements of the ICC. Pass/fail. Prerequisites: Senior standing and open only to students in the School of Humanities and Sciences. (F,S,Y)
Attributes: CP
1 Credit