Academic Catalog

Emerging Media (EMED)

EMED 12000 Introduction to Emerging Media (LA)

Introduction to emerging media and related issues, both social and technical. Focus on the history and current state of emerging media using relevant theories, areas of practice, applications, and media literacy. Discussion, research, writing, and group collaborative work focused on challenges and opportunities in the field of emerging media. (F,Y)
Attributes: SCE
4 Credits

EMED 21400 Design of New Media: Theory, Function and Analysis (LA)

Fundamental principles of design, function, and usability of new media technology, including games, mobile applications, web-based media, and other digital media platforms. Assessment of examples of new media designs for strengths, limitations, and usability; exploration of rules, techniques, and problem-solving strategies that go into the creation of new media applications and platforms. Open to majors in emerging media. Prerequisites: EMED 12000 or TVR 12400. (Y)
4 Credits

EMED 31300 Topics in Media Law and Policy (LA)

Overview of First Amendment theory, legal precedent, copyright, libel, and privacy as applied to existing and emerging digital media, followed by an in-depth investigation of specific new media law and policy issues determined by faculty expertise and student interest. Prerequisites: EMED 12000, TVR 12100, or TVR 12400; Emerging Media majors; junior standing. (IRR)
4 Credits

EMED 31400 Emerging Media Research Methods and Critical Inquiry (LA)

This course covers both quantitative and qualitative research methods in fields related to communication and information technologies, including sampling, survey, experiment, systematic content analysis, in-depth interviews, focus groups, and qualitative content analysis. Review of literature, identification of basic concepts, problems, responsibilities, and research ethics; procedures and basic techniques of open source computational data analysis; hypothesis testing and statistical interpretation and analysis; and critical inquiry. A research project is required. Prerequisites: EMED 12000 or TVR 12400. (Y)
Attributes: QL
4 Credits

EMED 32000 Utopias and Dystopias of Emerging Media (LA)

Analysis of theoretical, social, economic, political, technological, and cultural perspectives that impact and are impacted by new and emerging media technologies. Theoretical framework or technological focus defined by contemporary issues and student interest. Prerequisites: WRTG 10600 or ICSM 108xx or ICSM 118xx; EMED 12000 or TVR 12400. (Y)
Attributes: DV, SCE, WI
4 Credits

EMED 38500 Emerging Media Junior Project (NLA)

Hands-on introduction to project design, development, implementation, and testing, with emphasis on the knowledge and skills required to successfully complete the production cycle, including team dynamics, market analysis, project management, documentation, and testing. Students work in teams on projects assigned by the instructor. (S)
4 Credits

EMED 48500 Emerging Media Capstone (NLA)

Working as part of a team, the students design, develop, and document a significant emerging digital media project. Prerequisites: EMED 38500; Emerging Media Majors. (S)
4 Credits