Physical Therapy-Undergrad (PTBS)

PTBS 10200 Introduction to the Profession of Physical Therapy (NLA)

Orientation to the responsibilities and activities of physical therapists, the practice environments, representative professional association, and related professional literature. Experiential activities are included to enhance learning. (F or S,Y)
0.5 Credit

PTBS 20100 Introduction to the Practice of Physical Therapy (LA)

Orientation to the practice of physical therapy, including musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiovascular and pulmonary, integumentary, pediatric, and older adults. Prerequisites: PTBS 10200. (F or S,Y)
0.5 Credit

PTBS 31300 Clinical Physiology (NLA)

The study of human physiology from a clinical perspective, addressing normal function in the primary physiological systems and how therapeutic interventions influence system functions. Introduces pathophysiological syndromes common to patients receiving therapy. Describes physiological responses in patients receiving specific physical or occupational therapy interventions. Prerequisites: One course in CHEM. Corequisite: BIOL 20600; open to clinical health studies and occupational science majors. (S,Y)
3 Credits

PTBS 39900-39919 Selected Topics in Physical Therapy

Clinical and professional topics of current interest to faculty and students. This course may be repeated for credit for different selected topics. Prerequisites: As appropriate to topics. Satisfactory/D/Failure only. 0.(IRR)
0.5-3 Credits

PTBS 40000 Mobility Training (NLA)

Introduction to patient/client care techniques related to mobility training, including bed movility, transfer training, gait training with a variety of assistive devices, and wheelchair mobility. Students are familiarized with the initial steps in the patient-therapist relationship including professional behaviors and oral communication. Review of cardiovascular systems is also included. Prerequisite: PTBS 20100. (S,Y)
1 Credit

PTBS 49900-49903 Independent Study (NLA)

This course, which requires a faculty sponsor, allows students to complete an in-depth study or project in an area of their interest related to physical therapy. Includes a final presentation. Prerequisites: Permission of faculty sponsor, academic adviser, department chair, and dean. May be repeated for a total of six credits. (F-S,Y)
1-6 Credits