Academic Catalog

Sports Media (SPME)

SPME 11100 Introduction to Sports Media (NLA)

An introductory course that investigates global sport media landscape, including areas of print, broadcast, Internet and evolving social media platforms. Functions of media delivery, skills, and attributes required of industry professionals are discussed. Students become acquainted with career opportunities in the sport media field. (F,S-Y)
3 Credits

SPME 22500 Sports Media Relations (NLA)

Deals with the workings and process behind executing the proper techniques of media relations in all facets of the sport industry. The media relations offices of college/university athletic departments or professional franchises act as liaisons between the school/team and the media. To better understand how both sides work to form this symbiotic relationship, sport organizations will be analyzed in terms of their organization and execution of promotion and marketing strategies. Prerequisites: Sophomore standing; and Sports Media majors or other Park School majors with instructor permission. (F,Y)
3 Credits

SPME 24200 Sports Video Production (NLA)

Students apply their introductory knowledge of preproduction planning, camera work, scriptwriting, editing, and interview techniques to create video packages dealing with local sport events. Students will complete their packages in a collaborative manner through all phases of fieldwork production. The emphasis is on improving the proper fundamentals and techniques needed for shooting sporting events while creating an interesting audio and visual perspective. Prerequisites: TVR 11500; SPME 11100; sophomore standing. (Y)
3 Credits

SPME 29200-29300 Minicourse in Sports Media (NLA)

A series of short courses in specialized areas of sports media. Visiting lecturers and faculty of the school participate in areas of their expertise. Analyses of actual case studies focusing on sports media problems and issues confronted by sport managers helps students in further developing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students conduct independent research in which they analyze a particular management problem/issue (case study), and develop and write strategies to effectively address the management problem/issue. May be repeated. Additional fee for course materials (see course schedule). Prerequisites: At least one SPME course; refer to "Undergraduate Course Offerings" each semester. Pass/fail only. (IRR)
1-3 Credits

SPME 33900 Sports Publications (NLA)

Examines the operations and procedures behind the various arms of the print media. Students will learn about newspapers, magazines, and web publications by first analyzing their historical evolution and basic business models. The primary goal is to understand how these media outlets define their target audience, satisfy commercial obligations, and then create relevant and appealing material. Students will analyze the style and tone of the various media outlets by reading different publications and critiquing the presentation along with the substance of the words on the page. After the analytical work is completed, the second half of the semester will be based on students writing copy for newspapers, magazines, and web publications. The final goal is to produce a publication created solely by all the students in the class. Prerequisites: JOUR 11100; SPME 11100; junior standing. (S,Y)
3 Credits

SPME 39000 Gaming in Sports Media (LA)

The intersection of gaming, gambling and fantasy sports in sports media is explored. Gaming's embrace of disruptive technology, analytics, legal decisions and changing mores mean once frowned-upon activities are now mainstream leisure and economic pursuits. (F,S)
3 Credits

SPME 39800 Narratives in Sports Documentaries (LA)

Investigates sporting narratives through the examination of contemporary documentaries. Emphasis on sporting influence on individualistic and societal levels through story, setting and various themes, including forgiveness, regret, pursuit of happiness and structured, calculated rebellion. Prerequisites: Three courses in Sport Media or Sport Studies; Junior or senior standing. (F,S,Y)
Attributes: DV
3 Credits

SPME 39900-39902 Selected Topics: Sports Media (NLA)

Topics of current interest to faculty and students. Experimental courses are offered under this course number and title. This course may be repeated for credit for different selected topics. Prerequisites: As appropriate to topics. (IRR)
1-3 Credits

SPME 39903 Special Topics: Athletes in the Media: Critical Discourse Surrounding Sports Figures (LA)

The class will discuss the intersection of sport and media during seminal moments in American history and will offer critical perspectives of how media shaped the narrative surrounding primary actors. It is as much an examination of the people as it is the situations they were set in. Prerequisites: JOUR 11100. (Y)
Attributes: CCCS
3 Credits

SPME 44000 Senior Workshop in Sports Media (NLA)

Integrates the various disciplines studies in sports media to develop communications-related plans. Allows students opportunities to create artifacts pertaining to video production, strategic communications, sports journalism, and/or emerging sports media. Prerequisites: Sports Media majors; SPME 11100; SPME 22500; SPME 33900 and senior standing (F-S)
3 Credits

SPME 45000-45100 Independent Study in Sports Media (LA)

Individual study program for the investigation of special issues or topics in the field of sport media that have such breadth of cultural material or psychological material, such rigor and depth of theoretical structure, or such play of broad intellectual and aesthetic themes as to be classified liberal arts. Arranged individually between student and faculty sponsor according to guidelines available from the department. Prerequisites: Sports Media major; permission of the program director. (F-S,Y)
1-3 Credits

SPME 46000 Internship in Sports Media (NLA)

Supervised work experience in amateur or professional sport agencies and community sport organizations. Student assumes a leadership role in various job-related activities and performs administrative tasks in support of such activities under an experienced agency supervisor and faculty sponsor. Prerequisites: Sports Media major; permission of program director; completion of the Park School internship procedures. This course may be repeated for a total of twelve credits. (F-S,Y)
1-12 Credits